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thevargasgirl's Journal

she is weird-city
abortion rights, amélie, angelina jolie, ani difranco, athens boys choir, audrey tautou, baking, beer, being a liberal, being pro-choice, bent, bettie page, bjork, bloody sods, booze, bouncing souls, boys don't cry, buffy the vampire slayer, burt's bees, but i'm a cheerleader, cancerslug, chasing amy, chucks, cleaning, corsets, cunnilingus, cunt, dellamorte dellamore, eclecticism, elvis costello, empire records, equality, fairy tales, faith no more, fellatio, flaming iguanas, flogging molly, francesca lia block, frida kahlo, garter belts, gerbera daisies, gynecology, harley quinn, hello kitty, hip bones, i am the wtc, inga muscio, intotheeveingrush.com, jello shots, jon stewart, jones soda, jucifer, katastrophe, kissing, kitties, labia, lazy punk video, le tigre, lgbt rights, main street saints, marilyn monroe, medicine, midwifery, mohawks, natural birth, nekromantix, nicky click, nina simone, nylon, obstetrics, orangina, patsy cline, peaches, pez, piercings, pin ups, pinot grigio, politics, purple candy, rain, red nail polish, reproductive rights, road trips, sewing, sex, sexual health, shaved heads, sleater-kinney, social distortion, spanish reds, strawberries, tattoos, team gina, terminus city, the clash, the cranberries, the donnas, the gossip, the inconsiderates, the lazy punk, the n.y. rel-x, the pixies, the robustos, the slackers, the specials, the templars, the velvet underground, the young ones, thrashers hockey, tom petty, troma, vaginas, vargas, varla, vegetarian restaurants, vintage shops, vulvas, war boy, wine, women's rights, x-mas lights, x-ray spex, yeah yeah yeahs, zombie movies